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Founder of Barre 50

Martine is a leading master barre instructor  and founder of Barre 50 


Martine started dancing from the age of three, training at the Arts Educational Boarding School in Hertfordshire and then at Laine Theatre Arts. On graduating, Martine performed internationally as a professional dancer - starting her career as a regular on Top of the Pops before going on to work alongside Cher, Jay-Z, Whitney Houston and many other artists becoming one of the most successful commercial dancers of her time.

On moving to Los Angeles over a decade ago Martine then discovered the barre fitness movement and fell in love with the elements of the workout whist training with the most prestigious barre company in the US. Martine established herself as a master instructor and trained hundreds of celebrities and fitness enthusiasts.


Martine recently returned to the UK and founded Barre 50, which is now taught at some of the most exclusive private members clubs in London.


Martine’s other passion is Yin Yoga - created by her teacher Paul Grilley.


 “I love teaching yin yoga as it focuses on harmonizing the energy of the body, allowing my students to feel calm, relaxed and more balanced during their day” - Martine


Martine also feels truly blessed to have studied with the Dalai Lama and in 2014 Martine worked alongside spiritual teacher and New York Times No1 bestseller Marianne Williamson in her run for Congress for California’s 33rd Congressional District.


Barre Instructor

We are so thrilled to have the beautiful and talented Sonia join our Barre 50 tribe. Sonia is a former professional dancer and Nottingham University Art History Graduate. Sonia danced internationally for over a decade appearing in shows in the UK and France.


After leaving the dance world in 2003, Sonia trained to become a Bikram Yoga instructor in Los Angeles and then went on to teach Bikram Yoga in Paris for three years, and from 2006 in London.


In 2006 Sonia trained to become a Moksha Yoga teacher in Canada and in 2009 completed a Yoga Therapy Foundation course whilst also gaining a Prenatal Yoga certification with Nadia Narain at Triyoga in London.


Sonia discovered ‘Barre’ in 2013 and quickly realised that this was a fantastic and safe, full body work out that yielded powerful results. 


“I’ve had an upper back injury for many years that was getting worse due to hyper mobility issues in my joints. I was ecstatic to find that within only one month of taking Barre classes my problem area had already started to stabilise. The action of specifically and intensely targeting muscles, as we do in an authentic Barre class, has helped to significantly strengthen the muscles around all my joints. I’ve tried many other body conditioning and strengthening methods but none have been as effective as Barre for my body”


Sonia is passionate about the transformative power of a great Barre class and uses the original Lotte Berk framework, to produce a safe, results driven class. She prioritises and focuses on great ‘form’, individual correction, pacing of the class and isometric technique, thereby helping clients to develop a greater mind-body awareness whilst simultaneously challenging them to push themselves safely beyond their comfort zone.


When Sonia is not teaching classes she is a full time Mum to her two little girls.

Barre Instructor


We’re so excited to welcome Brittni to our Barre 50 tribe.


Yoga-acclaimed smiling assassin, in the studio of course. A health holistic specialist with 6 years of expertise in Yoga, Barre and Pilates – an ongoing commitment to wearing yoga pants. Challenging, approachable and holistically well-rounded, three principles that Brittni weaves into all elements of a practice with a warm, caring delivery.

Taking the practice of a hearty sun salutation from Sydney and bottling that expertise as a direct import to London. Brittni is an advocate leading a healthy, balanced life through mindful movement and positive psychology.


With Global expertise in holistic health, each class is a unique opportunity for students to discover their own, unique practice. Paving the way for a deeper understanding in a safe and positive environment.



        Studio Manager

We're bursting with joy to welcome Anna to the Barre 50 tribe. Anna is beautiful in every way, we just adore her and know you will too. 

Anna has worked in the Barre industry since 2014, as a senior client advisor. She incorporated this fitness practice into her weekly routine alongside her studies. This changed her understanding of how to be kind to one’s body, enabling energy to balance work, academics and enjoying her twenties. 

Anna has graduated from Exeter University in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and has gone on to complete further studies in law, now working as a Legal Assistant at a London law firm. 

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